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About Me

I am a full-time assistant professor of graphic design. I didn't set out on my educational path to become a professor. I worked in industry and enjoyed my time while there. After completing my classes for my masters degree, I was offered the opportunity to teach a couple of classes. I decided to give it a try. I fell in love. I enjoyed being in the classroom and working with students so much that I decided it was what I was meant to be doing. Plus I don't like sitting still for very long!

Teaching allows me to combine my love of design and guide others in the wonderful world of design in a collaborative environment. I work with freelance clients and occasionally hire a talented student to design a project with me. The key to teaching graphic design is making it both practical and interesting. I have a varied background working for larger advertising agencies, small boutique firms, in-house marketing and graphics as well as having my own freelance business which has allowed for a wide range of experiences and opportunities. These experiences guide both my lectures and project assignments. Students view assignments as doing what their teachers want. I encourage questions and pushing the boundary of assignments. I want students to feel they are in control of their own design decisions; that I am not in control, but rather a guide and sounding board. I feel that coming up with original projects lets students explore new areas of graphic design they may not have considered before. I think a teacher's ability and desire to inspire a student is important in all levels of education. I work to promote a relaxed classroom atmosphere that allows for the possibility of humor, that does not intimidate, but encourages questioning and facilitates dialogue; this is central to my teaching philosophy; that and music - who doesn't like music?